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Co-Founder / Co-Director
Anand Panchbhai  
Teaching Philosophy:
Turning KNOWLEDGE into ACTION cause knowledge is power only if it is applied   
Translating KNOWLEDGE/RESEARCH into ACTIONS to fulfill real world needs and to address global concerns of sustainable development focusing on the most energy issues of society.
M.E. from "The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara"
Major: Electrical power engineering 
B.E. from "Government Engineering College, Bharuch"
Major: Electrical Engineering
Mr. Anand Panchbhai has 7+ years of cumulative experience in  the fields of teaching, research and development of new technology in power electronics, project management and team building. He has also 5+ years of experience in managing different technical projects with industries in an innovative and research environment. Creative and efficient problem solver based on the ability to inspect a problem from multiple perspectives. 
  • Innovative teaching patterns for bridging the gap in between academia and industry with the interface of latest technology.
  • Excellent communications and relationship management.
  • Development of educational projects by giving students new horizons to work.
  • Faculty training and professional development for effective teaching.
  • Efficient project management and development.
  • Team building 
  • Taught various subjects in electrical engineering such as  Elements of Electrical Engineering,  Electrical Machines, Basic Electronics, Circuits and Networks, Control Theory, Integrated circuits & analysis, Power systems analysis and simulations, Engineering Electromagnetism, Microprocessor (8085), Power Electronics,  Advance power systems
  • Organized cooperative learning activities.
  • Assessed student performance throughout the term.
  • Conducted student conferences.
  • Guided 6+ undergraduate 3+ postgraduate final year projects
  • Conducted seminars and workshops on 555 timer and Op- Amp
  • Qualified GATE (2010-2014)
  • Cleared GPSC (Gujarat Public Service Commission) exam in first attempt (2011) 
Four published research papers in International Conferences
24 pulse uncontrolled rectifier"  
Anand Panchbhai, Hiren Shah, NajmaNizami ,    IRNet    international conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science held in  GOA (April-2012) 
 ISBN 978-93-81693-50-6 
- " Simulation and hardware of 24 pulse controlled rectifier using primary control" 
Anand Panchbhai, Hiren Shah, Najma Nizami, International conference  on  various facets of energy technologies and its management for sustainable  development held in New Delhi  (March-2013) 
International journal of applied engineering and research ISSN 0973-4562 volume 8,number 6,2013(special issue ) 
- " Analog Control of Closed Loop 24 Pulse Rectifier (Simulation and Hardware)"  
  Anand Panchbhai, Hiren Shah, Najma Nizami,  Energy Conversion (CENCON),
2015 IEEE Malaysia , Pages: 277 - 282, DOI: 10.1109/CENCON.2015.7409554
IEEE Conference Publications 
 "Line Regulation in 24 Pulse controlled Rectifier"
Anand Panchbhai, Hiren Shah, Najma Nizami, 
2016 6th IEEE International Conference on Power Systems (ICPS 2016), IIT Delhi (March 2016)
Worked with transformer manufacturing company (2008-2010) 
78/2/11, B/h. VCCI Complex, GIDC Industrial estate, Makarpura Vadodara, Gujarat, India 390010 [+91 265 3932079]
"I was working with designs of special transformers for harmonic reduction and testing of the same. I have design 3 phase to 6 phase and 3 phase to 12 phase transformers which comes under the category of Phase Shifting Transformer”  
 - Analog control of 12 pulse controlled drive (June 2011 to March 2012)  
Op-Amp and 555 based controlling of 12 pulse controlled rectifier. We have done the matlab simulation and  also implemented it on hardware at GURURAJ engineers.
 - REGULATED POWER SUPPLY USING 24 PULSE CONTROLLED RECTIFIER for  Plasma Research Center (November 2011 to May 2013) 
I did it as my post graduation project. It is a regulated power supply with very critical ripple consideration as it was about to be used to test the magnets which is used in the development of plasma. It was a current source of  100V 5000A (500 KVA) with very critical ripple constrain due to which the 24 pulse rectifier was selected. Initially the Modeling and matlab simulation of the same was done then  a small prototype was developed. We successfully tested it and got the same results as on matlab. We  used a phase shifting transformer converting 3 phase supply to 12 phase supply. Two controlling schemes were developed
Primary control: where controlled input was given to the transformer primary. I did the simulation and developed the hardware, too. But the ripple content was not within the limits what we wanted.  Which was peak to peak <5% . Control was simple but not gave proper output 
Secondary control: In this control four numbers of 3phase thyristor bridges were taken on the secondary side of the transformer. Here control circuit was very bulky as 24 thyristor were to be controlled. After simulation the hardware was developed and we got the required results. 
The project was done at GURURAJ ENGINEERS
CEO : Mohan Tilwaly
36 pulse uncontrolled rectifier August 2012 to May 2013
"Three phase to eighteen phase transformer was developed. The simulation and the hardware implementation of the same is done for lower rating. 
The main purpose of it was to reduce the harmonics in primary of the transformer"
- Harmoic mitigation for variable frequency drives (May 2014 to November 2014)
"Matlab simulation for reducing the harmonics in to source current of the VFDs was developed. By using 6,12,18,24,36,48 and 54 pulse rectifier we have achieved considerable reduction in source current harmonics  and got comparative analysis of the same."  
- Design and implementation of grid tie PV system (September 2014 to Present)
"This is a foot step towards green energy. The MPPT algorithm is developed and now we are working with the inverter part of it in which we will develop multilevel inverter for grid synchronization."
- Microcontroller based 18 pulse controlled drive (June 2014 to Present)
"Analog circuit is very bulky so to reduce the size of the control circuit and to improve the accuracy , we are implementing things on microcontroller. All such controls can also be utilized in HVDC transmission systems." 
  • Attended a work shop on solar at charusat , Anand 
  • Attended a Short term training program at SVMIT Bharuch       
(Application of power electronics in power system) 

Currently working with power electronics applications and providing consultancy in design of phase shifting transformers"